Grass Seeds for Lawns
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BAHIAGRASS: WARM SEASON GRASS - Work horse grass of the deep south.  Both hated and adored this grass grows where none others dare.  www.bahiagrass.com for information.

BENTGRASS: COOL SEASON GRASS - A difficult to maintain, yet beautiful grass.  Walking on this grass is like walking on carpet.  No wonder golf courses excel in growing this grass. More about Bent at www.bentgrasses.com.

BERMUDAGRASS:  WARM SEASON GRASS - Called the grass of the south for its aggressive growth and tolerance to drought and hot weather.  Newer seeded varieties are making this grass popular again.  www.bermudagrass.com for information. 

BLUEGRASS:   COOL SEASON GRASS - The number one grass in the USA.  More bluegrass lawns are planted than any other grass lawn.  www.bluegrasses.com has the growing stuff!

CARPETGRASS: WARM SEASON GRASS - This grass fits its name.  But don't plant it unless you are in a wet area. Used in a a lot of coastal areas where few other grasses do well.  www.carpetgrass.com 

CENTIPEDE:  WARM SEASON GRASS - Called "The lazy man's grass", for its slow growing (less mowing) characteristics and for its relatively trouble free growth.  www.centipedegrass.com.  One of the easy to seed warm season grasses. 

DICHONDRA:  Not a grass, but a great ground cover for un-mow able areas.  Plant in those areas where it is hard to mow.

FESCUE:  COOL SEASON GRASS - The grass of the transition area.  You could call it "mid-America's grass.  Used both for pasture and forage, the new turf-type varieties are much improved.  Learn more about Tall Fescues at www.fescue.com .

NATIVE GRASS: Great for the plains areas where moisture is limited.  These native grasses are making a come-back due to improved varieties that make them more suitable for lawns.  Grows in both warm and cool season areas depending on variety.  www.nativegrasses.com  

RYEGRASS: COOL SEASON GRASS - Annual and Perennial are the workhorse grasses.  Providing winter cover, erosion control and strength for sports grass mixes, these grasses can find a mix in your lawn.  www.ryegrasses.com 

ZOYSIA: WARM SEASON GRASS - A great warm season grass that is expanding its range into colder climates.  The most cold tolerant of the warm season grasses, planted as far North as Chicago.  Relatively trouble free, but slow to establish.  This is another of those grasses that people either love or hate.  Available for planting with improved Zenith seeds now. www.zoysias.com 

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