Water-Lok / Reno, Nevada

Water-lok was installed at Rancho San Rafael in Reno, Nevada (site of the Great Reno Balloon Races) on August 20 of 1992. The material is still effective today in the area. Below are pictures after the installation.
Installation of Water-Lok was performed by a drop spreader. This area was selected due to the area being a high wind area which made it difficult to hold moisture. Watering was not decreased due to the situation that grass was not able to be cultivated with the current watering schedule. By adding Water-Lok, where grass had a difficult time to grow before, it was easy now with Water-Lok. Compare the grass area in the front with the hills in the back ground.

Six weeks after Water-lok was applied you can see the difference between the first picture and this one. No additional water was used to generate the greenery. The hills in the back are drier than in the first picture however the grass is much healthier and greener.

The above picture was taken six years later. The grass is doing very well. Notice that the trees attest to the passing of time. Water-Lok still works.

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